Learn how to present with intent to move audiences to take action.


This half-day virtual masterclass (full day in-person option available) prepares you to win new clients, convince management and boards to accept proposals or move any party you want to your camp. Learn the techniques for making any meeting, speech, or presentation outstanding when the intent is to engage, persuade, influence or move to action.


The in-person program includes group discussion and group and individual participation for applying purpose-driven presentation skills. It is designed to you to the next level of professional advancement by teaching you the communication techniques to become a recognized influencer in your profession.

Influence and persuasion techniques are for legal and ethical purposes; manipulation is an unethical and sometimes illegal application of influence and persuasion.

This intermediate-to-advanced program does not teach PowerPoint basics or presentation basics, though attendees will learn how to better use information design with presentation software like PowerPoint. Experienced presenters will also learn how to sharpen their influence and persuasion skills (presentation dynamics) to attain a desired outcome from any audience.

Don’t send out your executives and leaders to deal with the press, investors, government regulatory agencies, and stakeholders without knowing how to favorably engage audiences, position their authority and influence actions or decisions!

IMPORTANT: If you or your team is registered for this program, complete the INFLUENCE STYLES ASSESSMENT prior to the start of the class. It will show you your influence style and help you get more from the course.


What You Will Learn from This Program: 

  • Enhance your presentation and influence skills when you want an audience to take a course of action, change a behavior or attitude, or make a decision.

  • Balance the rational, logical elements with the emotional ones in your presentations.

  • Apply the basics of information design to PowerPoint slides for creating presentations that engage and interest audiences.  

  • Understand what motivates audiences to listen, engage, participate, and respond to the content in your presentation.

  • Apply the craft of storytelling with purpose and intent to make the emotional connection with audiences (do NOT discount storytelling as an effective persuasion tool because people remember stories over facts).

  • Assess first what your audience wants or needs to hear, with an emphasis on messages that you need to communicate and your audience needs to hear.

  • Connect stories, examples, and content in a structured way that leads audiences to your “call to action” (what action you want them to take).

  • Properly structure the different sections of a presentation so the audience is engaged to the end (never put your Q&A at the end of your presentation).

  • Apply body language, physical movement, and gestures as visual punctuation to have audiences see, hear, and feel the content of your message in both virtual and in-person environments.

  • Use different tools of persuasion and influence to build audience approval and enhance your status as an influential presenter.

What Others Said About This Program:

Super helpful!!! I’ve presented numerous times; I now realize what I did wrong and what I could’ve done better.”  –Desi L.

“Incredibly useful and practical suggestions.” -Katharine F.

“Very beneficial.  I’ve never had this type of training.”  -Wendy H.

“The PowerPoint design information has been priceless!”  -Tanya T.

“Very worthwhile. Excellent presentation and material, Donn!”  -Michael B.

“This masterclass has been amazing!!!”  -Catherine O.

“The best training this week. I’ll definitely be a better presenter after this!”  -Babatunde A.

“I often have to provide ‘informal’ presentations to special agents and assistant U.S. attorneys, so this masterclass was very helpful!”  –Rebecca U.

“This is great stuff! I can use it in both my professional and personal life.”  -Kari W.

“Best speaker I’ve heard in a while.”  -Claude W.

“It was all great.  I truly needed a course like this!”  -Rosalva O.

“This was valuable on SOOO many different levels!”  –Michelle L.

All attendees receive PDFs of the complete PowerPoint slide set and a FREE 20-minute Zoom call with Donn to address specific challenges.