“Just Because You're a Great Leader 
Doesn't Make You A Good Coach"

The Just Because You’re a Great Leader Doesn’t Make You a Good Coach is an innovative program that teaches the thought patterns and behaviors associated with successful coaching outcomes within a corporate environment.

This half-day virtual seminar (a more comprehensive live in-person program option is available here for up to 25 participants) is for leaders and executives moving into coaching roles in their organization.  Participants in their leadership roles learn why—when stepping into coaching roles—doling out advice or solutions to problems often creates discord in the workplace and actually thwarts successful coaching outcomes.


Equipped with a fresh perspective on coaching effectiveness, leaders can restrain and even neutralize the impulse to step in with solutions and answers every time a problem is brought to them.

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All too often, the solution to an individual employee problem is…the employee—especially when employees hear their own words reflected back by the coach, which can reveal behavioral motivations and limiting beliefs.

Participants receive “field-tested” coaching tools that focus concentration, enhance engagement, and show people the value of self-discovery that often accompanies a vision shift, and becomes the catalyst for critical thinking or behavior change.

Genuine coaching, like genuine leadership, reflects a way of being around others; it’s a way of enhancing personal and professional life experience. Through reinforcement throughout the program, participants will see the value of talking less frequently, listening more intently, and accepting how reflective inquiry is a far better and more effective coaching approach than simply asking questions (or giving people solutions to issues). It’s also less stressful than feeling you always have to have the right or best answer to a coaching problem.

Strong leaders who become excellent coaches foster engagement with others, enhance their authority position, widen their circle of influence, and excel at convert allies, advocates, champions, and clients. Those qualities go far to boost employee engagement and productivity.

Outcomes and Results You Can Expect from This Half-Day Program

You expect to see immediate results, and you will. You want the learning to resonate with leaders, and it will.  You want leaders to see an increased level of self-awareness to build on their leadership coaching ability, and they will. You expect to see immediate results, and you will. You want the learning to resonate with leaders, and it will. You want leaders to see an increased level of self-awareness to build on their leadership ability, and they will.

PART 1: Understanding Why Employee Coaching Important NOW

  • Applying solutions-focused coaching strategies

  • Selecting the change model that works best for individuals and circumstances

  • Creating the roadmap of change to build the road to success

PART 2: Conversations, Coaching Models, and Coaching Categories

  • Learning situational coaching approaches

  • Applying the GROW Model (with i-GROW and re-GROW phases) for use in employee coaching sessions

  • Tools for the coach’s toolbox


  • Understanding the qualities of effective leader/coaches

  • Selecting coaching approaches for problem performers, high performers, and everyone else

  • Creating the leader-as-coach game plan


Participants will receive PDF copies of all Powerpoint slides.

What Others Are Saying About Donn's Programs:

“Thanks for this session - very beneficial!” — Armando R.

 “Great presenter, great info, great takeaways." — Cynthia T.

“Lots of good detail! Comprehensive coverage of material. Good info and entertaining stories to emphasize major points.” — Vanessa B.

“It was great! Best speaker of the conference!! So glad I decided to attend this session. Very helpful.” —Darryl C.

“Real-life examples; effective PowerPoint presentation; informative and entertaining.” — Evelyn F.

“Very knowledgeable presenter; Session was well-paced, and audience never lost interest.” — Bill Van S.

“Best presentation of the conference! Great energy and content, and many tools I can use now.” — Tony R.

“Donn was awesome and kept the audience engaged. He gave helpful tips and examples.” — Janice G.

“If you are serious about professional development and advancement regarding your personal and professional leadership brand, Donn LeVie Jr. is full of proven wisdom, knowledge, and real actionable solutions. Get ready to write a ton of notes. Donn is the real deal.

     ―Jim McConnell, Corporate Security Program Manager

“If you are in a position in which you provide content to clients, executives, or anyone who you want to impress, then you can learn from Donn LeVie. Donn is the presentation Guru and he can take your audience impact and influence to higher levels. I am planning on using his approach to in all of my future presentations as I seek to professionalize and refine my audience engagements.”

     ―Chuck McKee, CFE, MBA, CPA

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