Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity

Your leadership platform is the integrated expertise you have developed that gives you visibility, positioning authority, and a proven influence within a targeted population (your profession, your market, or your industry). Your platform is made visible through a variety of channels and is best focused on those traditional and social media outlets where influencers and other decision makers in your target audience hang out.

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Your professional platform is the foundation for creating and promoting your branded value and expertise, and is an organic process that evolves over with and with different circumstances (opportunities). Regardless of those changes, the one overriding reason someone connects with your platform is because your skills and expertise help them get something they want or need (projects completed on time and on budget, personal mentoring or coaching, higher-level leadership, etc.)

This half-day virtual program (full-day in-person option available) will share tools and strategies for boosting your visibility, niche authority, proven influence, and focusing on those in your specialty who have a need for your branded leadership value and expertise. When all four of these cylinders are firing, then you've created a strong "unfair advantage" which is simply how your communicated brand equity renders all other competitors irrelevant.

This highly popular conference workshop teaches you:

  • Why there's nothing wrong with having a professional "unfair advantage"

  • How your beliefs drive your platform development, your brand, and your influence

  • How the 5 primary drivers of the human operating system influence your results

  • The ONE and ONLY reason people buy from you, hire you, or contract with you

  • The four professional platform elements and how to build and promote them

  • The major components of a strong professional leadership brand

  • Selecting the proper channels that will help promote your leadership platform and brand equity to decision makers who have a need for it

  • How and why brand equity works in your favor with decision makers

  • Using Associative Memory Models, the Continuum of Belief and Appeal©, the Mindworm Contagion©, and the Valueocity Quotient© in your favor in discussions with decision makers

  • How to use social proof as a weapon of influence with decision makers

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