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Donn knows what you want most is a rewarding professional career and lifestyle for you and your family. Throughout his career, he has mentored and consulted for countless professionals just like you in a variety of technical, marketing, and communications positions. He's help them build and promote their branded value and expertise for personal and professional success in a variety of industries and organizations.


Since leaving the Fortune 100 corporate world in 2013 after a 35-year career (NOAA, Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, Intel Corp, University of Houston), Donn has been solving problems as a speaker, consultant, award-winning author, and mentor. He works with leaders and executives like you as an engagement and positioning strategist, leadership platform catalyst, and success expeditor. 


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As a Positioning/Influence Strategist...

Donn helps Influencers and Thought Leaders like you lead smarter and sharpen influence for growing revenue and shareholder value...and

As a Brand Leverage Catalyst...

Donn shows fast-track professionals like you how to expand platforms of expertise, increase brand equity/value, and grow their circle of influence...and 

As a Success Expeditor...

Donn helps presence-driven leaders like you make better decisions for keeping employee engagement and productivity at peak levels.

Donn's job as your strategic mentor is to provide the following:

  • Brainstorm brilliance

  • Hold you accountable to do the hard things first

  • Ongoing guidance for your specific goals & objectives 

  • Challenge you to the next level of excellence

  • Expand your comfort zone

  • Make your ideas a reality

  • Offer honest unbiased opinions

  • Provide tools and knowledge for insight

  • Motivate you when things get tough

  • Get “there” faster in a good, positive emotional state

Why Choose E.P.I.C. Results© Coaching?


The intersection of Persuasion Language Communication, Presence-Driven Leadership, and Influence Psychology form the foundation for creating EPIC results for you, your team, and your organization.

No one ever wants to buy a shovel. What they want is a hole, but to get that hole they need to invest in that shovel, which helps them get that hole faster and easier than without it.


The same is true of coaching and mentoring. 

Check out this video to learn why E.P.I.C. Results© Coaching is your best option for enhancing your performance, influence, and connections that matter.


What Clients are Saying about Donn's Leadership, Branding, and Influence Coaching/Mentoring Strategies...

Jennifer Sirois.jpg

 “I benefitted greatly from Donn’s expertise and within the first few minutes, he distilled down the key points of how to interact and engage with decision makers…and incorporate a lifetime of experience into a trajectory of three different engagement strategies that resonates with me as a form U.S. Army officer”

Jennifer Sirois, CFE

Sirois Detective Agency

Michael Dunlap.jpg

 “I learned quite a bit from Donn about the cutting edge on how I’m going to market my branded leadership expertise and value, how I’m going to take things forward to show that I’m open, I’m connected, and I’m the right person to take the decision making for risk mitigation to the next level.”

Michael Dunlop, CFE
Head of Investigations

Financial Crime Threat Mitigation

​HSBC Bank Middle East, Ltd.

Tenecia Strayhorn.png

“Donn’s program was awesome – it showed me I’ve been doing some things well, but there are so many more things I can improve on with my goals and even in my day-to-day job. It made me realize that I have to identify my ‘secret advantage’…I knew I could trust everything he was saying to help me in my career.”

Tenecia Strayhorn, CFE
Data Analytics Supervisor  

Enterprise Holdings

Clients and Audiences in the Public Sector, Private Sector,

and Academia 




Mufreesboro Police Department

Inspector General Dept. of Defense

Office of the Inspector General


National Science Foundation

Office of Natural Resource Reclamation

Family Eldercare Agency

City of Durham

The Port Authority of NY and NJ

City of Albuquerque

National Credit Union Administration

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation

City of Nashville

Detroit Police

Florida Office of Financial Regulation




Kloeckner Metals




Sterling Bank

Brooks International

Apex Analytix

Federated Insurance

Gryphon Strategies

Enterprise Holdings


TD Bank Financial Group

RBS Citizens Financial Group

Stinnett Associates

Cambridge Trust

Ernst & Young

Santander Consumer USA


Addison Group

Mintz Group

University Health System

Becker Professional Education

University of VA Credit Union

JP Morgan/Chase

Sirois Investigative Agency








Toastmasters International



Franklin & Marshall College

St. Edwards University

Centennial College